About Us

Our association was founded with a vision of bringing together Kenyans living and working in France, promoting our rich Kenyan culture, and providing support and guidance to newcomers settling in France. We strive to create a community where all Kenyans in France feel connected, supported and empowered.

Contact Info

  • admin@kifumbrella.com
  • (+33) 783 44 65 23

1. Introductions

New members may be referred to the group by existing members.

2. Group Content

Members are expected to maintain a high degree of conversational etiquette coupled with respect for others and their time.

The following are therefore NOT allowed.

(a) Explicit content – (Text/images/video/audio) depicting violence/nudity/sexual content/substance abuse/human suffering.

(b) Insults – Direct and/or indirect insults/abuse/provocation aimed at other members and/or any (religious/social/political/professional) groups they may belong to.

(c) Forwards and non public interest posts – Forwards and other content that is unimportant, non-informative and lacking in news value. These include but aren’t limited to jokes, religious content and inspirational messages.

(d) Falsehoods/Propaganda/Fake news – All forms of lies and innuendo including sponsored political propaganda, the so called “fake news” and any other posts that the posting party cannot readily substantiate.

(e) Re-Posts – Re-posting of content without any obvious benefit.

3. Special Focus Periods

Group administrators may declare special focus periods with clearly defined subjects. These may last between 1 and 7 whole days and MUST be declared in daytime (7am to 6pm) with a notice period of at least 2 hours. Discussion I shall be stricted to the stated subject within a focus period.

4. Temporary Exceptions and Waivers

At least two administrators may grant a temporary waivers to any member who wishes to post content that would otherwise contravene any clause of Rule 2 but is deemed

reasonable/important/rational/relevant. The scope and duration of such a waiver shall be explicitly stated upon grant and may not last more than 6 hours and shall be deemed withdrawn if applicants flout waiver scope guidelines provided by the granting administrators thrice.

5. Penalties

Members who contravene group rules shall be suspended from the group for at least 24 hours but not more than 7 days depending on the severity of the offence. The suspending administrator shall clearly state the rule contravened by a member before suspension.

Records shall lapse every 30 days.

A fourth offense shall lead to automatic expulsion.

About this group

This WhatsApp group is run and blogs to KIFUA association. Group membership is drawn from the association and Kenyans loving in France

This group exists to foster informal dialogue among stakeholders on issues affecting Kenyans in France.